Wow Brown DIY Lotion Medium-Dark


The Medium-Dark shade of our DIY Face and Body Tanning lotion has the same rich and creamy texture as the Light-Medium but gives our customers the option to achieve that darker shade of WOW.

Application of the Medium-Dark Tanning Lotion will give the skin an instant bronzed colour and dries so you can get dressed after a few minutes. The colour will develop slightly over the next few hours and you can shower after 8 hours. Your DIY tan can last up to 10 days and the best part is it wears off evenly. Now you know why we called this DIY as it really is Do-It-Yourself home tanning

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Medium-Dark Brown
Paraben Free
250ml: Each bottle gives you 7-10 full body applications
Lasts between 6-10 days once skin has been correctly prepped before application by full body exfoliation and then applying moisturiser daily.
Wait 6 hours before showering or leave longer to achieve a slightly deeper tan.

Prepare the skin by full body exfoliation and then use a tanning mitt or gloves to apply the Wow Brown Tanning Lotion all over your body in circular movements for a natural and long lasting colour.


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