Tanning Tips

Help from the experts

Starting at the shoulder, tan your arm, the edge of your shoulder, and as far around the back of your shoulder as you can reach. Tan the rest of the arm using approximately 5-10ml of product at a time, blending around the wrist to avoid the heel of the hand.

Start by tanning your arms, then, using only what is left on the mitt tan the back of the hand and then the top of each finger in turn, taking care to avoid the nail bed and cuticles. For a perfect finish wipe knuckles with a very slightly damp cloth to avoid these areas looking too dark.

Start at the front of the ankle and apply in large elongated circular movements. Ensure you tan the back of the leg as well as the front! When blending around the ankle avoid the very toughest skin, ensuring that you have blended where the leg meets the ankle. Wipe any excess tan from knees and ankles for a natural finish.

For perfect ‘beach feet’, apply your tan to the tops of your feet blending halfway down the sides. Then wipe away any tan lines with a dry cloth to give a totally natural finish. Always work away from the nail bed, back up the foot and blend at the ankle.

Wow Brown Tanning Tips

Use the tanning mitt to tan hard-to-reach places, or get a friend to help with the top of your back. For your lower back turn the mitt around to allow for an easier angle when applying

Mix a pump of moisturiser with your tan before applying to face and neck blending down to the décolletage. Wipe upper lip and eyebrows with a dry towel to ensure they are not over tanned.