The Wow Brown Story

Founded in 2008

Irish tanning brand, Wow Brown was founded in 2008 at a time when beauty therapist Fran Brennan was working full time in a busy Dublin beauty salon. Fran and her colleagues kept encountering the same issues in their use of the sunless tanning products available to them. Despite trying many different brands, the team found that they were all falling short as regards the colour guides, consistency, wear-off and smell.

These gals in the know realised that their clients needed something different, something with a lot more punch but with a lot less smell! A lot of research took place and many manufacturing sites visited before the original formula was created. This salon ready professional product had NO fake tan smell, had the right consistency and was found to develop consistently on thinner pale skins with lower levels of melanin; basically WOW BROWN tan works for Irish women. The brown and gold undertones of the product override the pink and reddish tones of Irish skin.

Using the same formula, the Wow Brown team launched the DIY Face and Body Tanning Lotion for use at home and is manufactured with a two shade selection. Wow Brown continues to offer quality tanning products to the Irish market today and has added the ever popular Ready to Glo™ Tanning Liquid to their suite of at home tanning products. Ready to Glo™ was developed for those who want ‘ the darkest shade of WOW’!


Wow Brown at Professional Beauty Ireland